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Gilsonite In Oil & Gas

In oil and gas industry, drilling fluids or liquids perform a diversity of operations that influence the drilling rapidity, efficiency, safety and the cost of drilling operator. An important characteristic of gilsonite that make it noteworthy for drilling fluid usages is its softening-point temperature. There are many types of drilling fluid systems available such as water base muds, oil base muds, stable foam muds, air or gas base muds from which the right system may be chosen. In water-based muds, it is used as a shale-stabilizing additive and is difficult to evaluate unless tested at or above its softening point. In oil-base muds, it is used as a fluid-loss control agent.


With unmatched benefits in cementing and drilling fluids, Gilsonite is proven under pressure. With a unique blend of strength, flexibility, bonding and high-temperature capability, Gilsonite adds properties that increase performance in cementing and drilling fluids in a way no other single additive can. Gilsonite is used in drilling mud fluids and oil well cementing. Gilsonite, in a range of softening points and particle sizes, is a standard ingredient in oil-based drilling muds used in shales and other difficult geological formations. The addition of specially-treated Gilsonite to water-based drilling fluids helps minimize hole washout by stabilizing troublesome shales and seals off highly permeable sands while reducing torque and drag.  The addition of Gilsonite to oil well cement reduces slurry weight without loss of compressive strength and acts as an effective bridging and plugging agent to seal fractures in weak formations while cementing.  Also, Gilsonite use in Mud drilling according to FLC ” Filtrate Loss Control ” or  ” Fluid Loss Control ” in oil base mud.

Drilling fluids features

    • Provides superior shale stabilization
    • Prevents differential sticking
    • Reduces or eliminates lost circulation
    • Provides wellbore strengthening matrix

Cementing features

    • Strengthens cement bonds to shales and sands
    • Reduces cement slurry density
    • Prevents lost circulation
    • Supports compressive strength development
  • Drilling Fluid

  • Cementing

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