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General Description of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion CMS-2

HJ OIL Co. Bitumen Emulsion CMS-2 is a cationic medium setting bitumen emulsion that contains a minimum of 65% bitumen, is black in color, and is manufactured strictly as per ASTM D 2397M-13 standard. Asphalt Emulsion CMS-2 is a specially designed water-based Bitumen Emulsion with moderate viscosity and setting time.
This makes it a perfect product for premixing applications. It is chocolate brown in color and is a free-flowing liquid at ambient temperature.

CMS-2 is a medium-setting cationic asphalt emulsion that reacts quickly with the aggregate to convert from an emulsion to asphalt.
Asphalt emulsions are classified according to the electric charge that surrounds the emulsion’s asphalt particles (i.e. whether it is a cationic or an anionic emulsion) and how quickly the suspended asphalt particles separate from the surrounding water (“breaking”). A medium-setting emulsion is one that will break moderately fast when in contact with aggregate.


Bitumen Emulsion CMS-2 can be used for chip sealing when using dirtier aggregate. However, because it is medium-setting, traffic control may have to be adjusted. The setting speed of any emulsion is relative to atmospheric conditions at the time of construction.

Application of Bitumen Emulsion CMS-2

CMS-2 cures quickly and produces a heavy asphalt film. Its high viscosity permits higher application rates without the danger of runoff. This emulsion is ideal for spray applications such as single or multiple chip seals

HJ OIL Co. Bitumen Emulsion CMS-2 is ideally suited for Patch Repairing & Pot Hole Repairing. You will see more information about the applications of this product below:

01.Blow off water and debris from the pothole.
02.Cut to rectangular shapes with all sides vertical
03.Remove loose material, if any
04.Spray tack coat of asphalt emulsion on all the side and bottom
05.Mix prepared clean (preferably washed) and dry aggregates with HPCPL MS cationic bitumen emulsion.
06.Typically, 13.2 mm and 11.2 mm sized aggregates mixed in a 2:1 ratio
07.HPCPL MS cationic bitumen emulsion content of approximately 7% by weight of aggregates works best.
08.Mix aggregates and emulsion properly to ensure good and uniform coating.
09.Mix till the entire emulsion is broken (turn to black in color).
10.Fill the premix immediately into the pothole up to a level slightly higher than the adjoining road surface and roll properly.
11.Open the repaired pothole to traffic as soon as workers and equipment are clear.
12.For economical and fast construction of wearing course, the emulsion is used for Premix Carpet.

Application Guidelines

Clean/prepare pavement surface prior to application.
Do not apply if precipitation is anticipated.
Contact with HJ OIL Co. Marketing representative for application temperature guidelines.

Designs should be formulated prior to initial production and each time aggregate sources are changed. Testing of the final product is highly recommended to ensure a quality seal. HJ OIL Co. Technical Services offers complete design services and product quality analysis.


Spray patching consists of alternate applications of CMS-2 and aggregate to repair deteriorated areas in the pavement surface. Alternating layers of CMS-2 and aggregate may also be used to repair depressions in the road due to rutting or ravelling. Excellent adhesion means longer-lasting repairs.


A controlled application of CMS-2 asphalt emulsion to a prepared surface followed by a controlled application of cover aggregate (per lift). Aggregates should be single-sized, washed chip with sizes ranging from 6 mm (¼ in) to 19 mm (¾ in). CMS-2 provides durable, longer-lasting surface treatments with increased resistance to rutting and low-temperature cracking.

Storage and Handling CMS-2

01.CMS-2 should be stored in bulk tanks, ideally vertical to minimize surface area
02.Do not allow CMS-2 to either freeze or boil: it will break. Safe storage temperatures range from 10°C (50°F) to 85°C (185°F).
03.In bulk storage, mix the CMS-2 every 1 to 2 weeks (more frequently in cold weather). Mixing may be done by paddle agitator (slow), loose gear pump, slow centrifugal pump, or          another suitable low shear pump.
04.Do not bubble air through CMS-2 to agitate it: this creates excessive foam and may cause the CMS-2 to break
05.Always use clean storage containers. Make sure prior contents are compatible with CMS-2 or the emulsion may break
06.Only use approved and sealed containers for sampling the emulsion.

Advantage of Asphalt Emulsion CSS-1h

At the following you can find some advantages of this product:

01.No heating required thus eco-friendly
02.Cost and energy-efficient
03.Easy and even mixing
04.Low-temperature curing
05.Minimum preparation time for surface repair
06.High adhesive properties
07.Firm patch
08.Resistant to the stripping of water
09.Bonds well with cool, damp surfaces.

Packing of Asphalt Emulsion CMS-2

HJ OIL Co. Bitumen Emulsion CMS-2 is available in:

Bulk as IBC Tank, FlexiTank
Reconditioned steel drums 220 lit., Net Weight: 200 ± 3 Kg
New steel drums 220 lit., Net Weight: 200 ± 3 Kg

Product Support

With the HJ OIL Co. Advantage, you get a partner and advisor who will consult with you about designs, specifications, technical services, processes, and material selection. By developing innovative, custom-designed products that offer additional benefits such as peak performance in unique conditions, improved field performance, and greater environmental and health benefits, the HJ OIL Co.Advantage provides significant long-term cost savings, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Each lot of CMS-2 is produced using the strictest quality, safety, and environmental guidelines. Each production lot is tested to ensure it meets or exceeds all performance requirements and is delivered with a Certificate of Analysis.


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