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About HJ OIL

HJ OIL Co. is owner of Gilsonite mine and Bitumen refinery in Middle East to produce all types of Bituminous products including penetration Bitumen 60/70 and Bitumen 80/100, Oxidized bitumen like Bitumen 115/15, Bitumen 105/35, Bitumen 95/ 25, Bitumen 85/40, Bitumen 85/25, And Bitumen 75/30, Bitumen emulsion grade SS-1 and cutback bitumen in various range like bitumen MC-30 and Bitumen MC-70 and distributing Other oil base material.

The HJ OIL company Began establishing companies in Hong Kong, Australia and Vietnam to expand its oil, gas and petrochemical activities.
The company has a wide range of activities in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals with experienced and responsible consultants.
HJ Oil also has the largest market in East Asia.

Also, HJ OIL Co. is shareholder of two largest paraffin wax and petroleum jelly factory in Middle East that produce all grade of solid paraffin wax With wide range of oil percentage and BP & USP Petroleum Jelly. All grades of Slack wax and foots oil are suppliable by our company.

HJ OIL Co. is a copartner in all kinds of oil producing company and was established on 2011 to assume the responsibilities of its Predecessor.Produce Including: Oil, Gilsonite, Bitumen, Wax, all Lubricants and chemicals. 


HJ OIL Co. has adequate infrastructure and expert human resources and uses modern equipment and technologies for the production of Petroleum product. We supply our materials for use in the roads, construction, and general civil engineering industry. Supplying petroleum product Is also a significant part of our business. We have put the observance of all standards and the use of new Bitumen & Gilsonite and Base Oil Production technologies at the top of our priorities. We can get you precisely the materials you need reliably and cheaply, with minimum fuss. 

HJ OIL Co. is known for its superior service quality and excellent technical understanding & support of the customers as well as fast and faith Reaction to the customer needs with respect and confidence. Quality, technical/ price/ service competence, consistency and prompt responsiveness To customer needs have always been our forte which has won us pleased customers from the globe and has given us the chance to be the Preferred trusted commercial FRIEND of many companies around the world. A promise to purvey the customer needs and an inspiration to develop New products for emerging market has helped us increase the number of satisfied customers over the years. When we are offering services or Deals to our customers/ partners/ suppliers, we always care about their technical requirements, international standards, environmental issues, Quality expectations in addition to considering morality. The Group prides itself as a complete vertically integrated petroleum product company. We Look forward to serving you as our client and partner for the future.

HJ OIL Co. Is The Experienced Excellent Quality Petroleum and Petrochemical Product Supplier

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